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Corporate Transparency, Blogging, and Big Brother.

Gibson on 1984

Why not spend a few minutes getting reacquainted with The Road to Oceania written by William Gibson for the NY Times back in 2003. Gibson connects the dots between corporate transparency, radical trust and George Orwell‘s bleak vision of Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Here are two quotes to tease you into a click;

The media of “1984” are broadcast technology imagined in the service of a totalitarian state, and no different from the media of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq or of North Korea today” technologically backward societies in which information is still mostly broadcast. Indeed, today, reliance on broadcasting is the very definition of a technologically backward society.

In the age of the leak and the blog, of evidence extraction and link discovery, truths will either out or be outed, later if not sooner. This is something I would bring to the attention of every diplomat, politician and corporate leader: the future, eventually, will find you out. The future, wielding unimaginable tools of transparency, will have its way with you. In the end, you will be seen to have done that which you did.

If you are wondering if you should take heed, ask Kramer.

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