Radical Trust

Social media has taught us that this is not a channel; it is the very definition of the web. It’s only marketing and media people that need to name it and define it. I believe it’s inevitable that the term “social media” will come to pass and in time we’ll opt for a phrase that spans total integration into the marketing mix. In other words… ideas that work at driving persuasion and influence over all media; ideas that will align to consumer behavior, and with a little luck and a lot of insight, change it.

If I were a client, I’d put my agency up for review if it had such a small-minded interpretation of this universal medium. A claim for social is like a claim to voice or image… ridiculous. And so the lines blur between PR, advertising, digital, CRM, in-store, events, and sponsorships. Agencies that can’t, won’t, or refuse to execute any initiative in digital without consideration of the social potential are simply doomed.

My biggest take away… a universal truth is born:  all digital is social in nature. As print goes online, television goes app-based and gaming goes to the cloud, another truth is born: all marketing is digital.

Digital has sat at the “kids’ table” since the beginning, but now? It sits at the head of the table. Next year’s budgets are beginning to emerge… 30-40%, even 50% going to digital. But how can it be that the head is not the majority of budget?  A client once told me… “I’d pay more for digital but I don’t need too.” And guys like me start to belly up to the adult table to offer our experience, our insights and hopefully some wisdom.

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